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NPD search, the application was created with the support of the NAKI II project, No. DG16P02H035 called National Legal Heritage, which is provided by the Czech Republic - Ministry of Culture. National legal heritage is a project of the Institute of State and Law of the ASCR, v. V. I., The principle investigator is JUDr. Ján Matejka, PhD. The project was solved in the period 2016–2020.

The aim of the project is to preserve and make accessible the national legal heritage of our countries as part of the European and world legal culture. Over the last fifteen years, the way legal literature has been used has changed dramatically: a split has emerged between the segment of "digital" and "non-digital" legal texts. The deepening tendency to overlook the "non-digital" segment leads to a discontinuity of case law and legal doctrine. Another problem is the insufficient availability of older legal texts in libraries. The project seeks to overcome these difficulties by digitizing older legal literature (scans of pages and at the same time OCR created and corrected fulltext) supplemented by a metadata description and their unique combination in a publicly accessible database. Access to and safe preservation of complex legal-historical information represents the protection of these literary sources from destruction or loss. The project has significantly improved the availability of materials of historical law, historical case law and literature for legal historians and historians, legislators, state administration, courts, the diplomatic service and other professionals.

The national legal heritage includes a wide range of professional literary production, especially of the interwar period, although it should be noted that the complete digitization of historical legal literature would require a much larger project. The current form of the National Legal Heritage offers important historical manuals, magazines, historical collections of court decisions, period proceedings and honors, as well as historical professional monographs.

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